Sitting beside you in a crowded pub, I lean in close and tell you how I want you right now. I want to play a game with you, lover. You chuckle, and tracing your fingers slowly over my breast, ask me how much I want you. I guide your hand under my skirt, between my legs. I seem to have forgotten my panties somewhere, allowing you full access to my warm, wet pussy. Without hesitation you shove two fingers inside, and I happily slide closer. You find that sweet spot with your fingers and rub it, hard. My hips begin to rock in time, meeting your fingers, and that special spot swells with desire. The waitress comes by to see if we need anything. You remain silent, laughing at me with your eyes. I almost moan to her that we’re good… So good. Reminded of our surroundings I suggest we finish in the car. But you say no. You begin to rub that spot even harder, and tell me I’m to stay, and cum when and where you tell me too. You’ve turned the game on me. Something between a laugh and a whimper escapes my lips as as your thumb finds my clit. You’re in control and I am your willing slave. Your fingers have found all the right places. You rub even harder now and my legs begin to shake. Not yet, you say. The pleasure is coming in waves, I’m not sure how much longer I can hold on… Now, you command, cum for me. My body explodes pleasure, shaken with orgasm, as I cum for you, more then willingly. You tell me I’m a good slave, and that now we can go to the car, where I’ll need to perform my next task.

At the car you position me over the hood, arms and legs spread, as if to pat me down. You tell me to stay. I obey, as you walk around the car and get something from the trunk. You return to my side a place a blindfold over my eyes. You don’t want me distracted from my tasks. I giggle then gasp as you run your hands over all the tender spots of my body, the pleasure sensation heightened by the blindfold. Suddenly you stop touching me and step back. You tell me to strip. I protest and start to move off the hood. I feel pain and pleasure as your hand connects firmly with my ass. You push me down on the hood and slap me again. I cry out, excited and frightened. You push yourself against me so I can feel how hard you are. I groan as you press yourself harder against me. You tell me to be a good little slave and obey, that I’ll be rewarded. Again you tell me to strip. Careful to stay bent over the hood, I remove my clothes until all that remains are my heels and the blindfold. You press your hardness into me again, and I moan. You’re tempted to just take me right here. My willingness to obey and my now nice red ass are almost too much for you. But not yet. You kiss the red marks you’ve left on me and trail your tongue along my swollen lips — just a taste of those juices. You move me into the passenger seat, and position me so that I’m seated with my legs apart. You climb into the drivers side, and lean over me, kissing me slowly from my lips to my thighs. You tell me to pinch my nipples with one hand and rub my clit with the other. You grab one of my nipples pulling and pinching hard, showing me how you want it done. I moan and obey. You tell me to continue until we reach our destination, but not to cum. It’s only a short drive and I behave. I want my reward. When we get there, you guide me into a warm room, and tell me to kneel. You tie my hands behind my back with something soft. You take a moment to admire your willing slave knelt before you, ready to cum as you command. You undo the zipper of your pants. My breath quickens at the sound. I want my reward. I feel your lips on mine, your tongue forcing my lips apart. As your tongue enters my mouth I feel you shove something cold and hard into my pussy. Waves of shock and pleasure run through me. I moan as you turn the vibrator on, but my moans are cut off as your huge cock enters my mouth. I open my mouth as wide as I can and suck hungrily. You moan in appreciation and turn up the pulse on the vibrator. My hips rock in time with you as you thrust into my mouth and throat. I gag a little as you thrust deeper into my throat, but gratefully swallow the hot drink you offer. As I feel your body shake with pleasure, I can’t help but cum as well. You remove the vibrator and finger the slick walls of my throbbing pussy. You tell me I’ve been bad and need to be punished. You bend me over your lap and spank me. Pain and pleasure mix together and I’m not sure whether to cry or cum again, but soon my ass is rising to meet your hand. I can feel you getting hard again, and I want to please you. You untie my hands and position me on all fours. I feel your lips on me as you kiss the spots you’ve slapped, and I beg you to fuck me. Again shock and pleasure course through me as you shove the tip of your cock into my ass. You massage my sore cheeks and I relax, letting you in deeper. Soon your pumping in a delicious rhythm and my screams of bliss bounce off the walls. You explode inside me, soaking me with another hot gift. We lay panting, our bodies blissfully exhausted. Good game.


Walking through the park, they get caught in the rain. They laugh and run under a nearby tree as it begins to rain harder. He can’t help but stare at her, her wet clothes sticking to her curves, nipples hard from the cold rain. He cups her breasts in his hands, rubbing those nipples with his thumbs. She smiles and opens her shirt. He kisses her breasts and teases her nipples with his tongue and pulls on them gently with his teeth, making her moan softly. She unzips his jeans and sticks her hand inside, grabbing his hard cock and pulling it out of his pants. She moves her hand slowly up and down the shaft, and his breath begins to quicken. She drops to her knees in the mud and takes him into her mouth, teasing the tip with her tongue. She moves her tongue back down his shaft, wanting to taste his balls. She gently sucks on each before moving her mouth back to the tip. She opens her mouth wider, taking him as far into her mouth and throat as she can. While she moves her mouth up and down his cock in a steady rhythm, she gently squeezes his balls. Just before he cums, she moves her mouth away, so he can shoot all over her breasts. The contrast of his heat mixed with the cool rain sends delicious shivers through her body. She removes the rest of her shirt and cleans herself off before pulling him down to the ground with her. His mouth finds hers and he kisses her deeply, teasing her tongue, biting her lip, setting her body on fire. His hand travels down her body and into her pants, fingers finding her clit. She moans loudly as he rubs her there in a slow, deliberate rhythm, gradually increasing pressure until her hips begin to buck. She reaches for his cock again, but he moves her hand away. Not yet. He gently pulls her pants down and sets his tongue to work now on her pussy, tasting the wet he’s created. His tongue is magic on her, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He brings her to the brink of orgasm over and over until her moans become almost whimpers, and she’s begging him to fuck her. He finally turns her over so she’s on all fours, and she sighs with pleasure, ready to receive that huge cock. He presses the tip against that beautiful, hot, wet spot, but doesn’t enter her.

‘Is this what you want?’ he chuckles.

‘Yes!’ she moans.

‘How much?’ he pushes the tip inside her.

‘Please…’ her moan is almost a whimper of desire now. He reaches down and begins again to rub her clit.

‘Tell me you want it,’ he says, inching a little more inside her, ‘tell me to fuck you.’ Her legs begin to shake with pleasure as his fingers continue their sweet torture on her clit, and his throbbing cock presses slowly inside her.

‘Please,’ she cries out, ‘please fuck me! I want you inside me!’ Suddenly he slams his cock fully inside her, and the pleasure is so intense that for a moment she forgets to breathe. His thrusts are fast and deep, and soon she is screaming with pleasure and he feels her body shudder as she finishes moments before him. They stay in that position for a few moments, letting the rain cool them off. Once she catches her breath, she begins to giggle. ‘God I love the rain.’

A.D. 2013

You’re sitting on a bench next to a beautiful birch tree, overlooking the water. Probably one of the prettier parks in the city, but you’re not paying attention to the scenery. Your focus is on the tongue in your mouth, the breast in your hand. She met you here in a classic school girl outfit, just like you asked. You were pleasantly surprised to see that her tight white shirt could barely contain her large breasts, the buttons gaping, begging to be undone. It didn’t take your mouth long to find hers and now your fingers are tracing circles around her nipples making her gasp with excitement. You pinch her nipple and she bites your lip in response and kisses you harder. You move your lips to this nipple, licking it and sucking it through the thin fabric of her shirt. She moans. You gently bite her nipple and she moans louder, grabbing your cock through your jeans. You move to the other nipple and tease this one with your tongue while pinching the other. Her hands work fast, urgently freeing your cock from your jeans. ‘I want you inside me’ she pants ‘here, now.’ You pull her up from the bench, turn her around so her back is to you, and push her up against the tree. You lift her skirt and she parts her legs, expectantly. She moves to take her panties off but you stop her. You push your cock hard against those panties, teasing her. Your fingers find her nipples and begin to tease those again as well. You can feel her panties getting more and more wet. ‘Oh god,’ she’s moaning now ‘please…’ She’s shaking with desire. Suddenly she pushes back against you, catching you off guard. She pushes you back onto the bench and after getting rid of those pesky panties, she climbs on top of you, taking you all the way in with a triumphant gasp. She rides you slowly at first, then faster. She puts your hands on her breasts. You rip open that shirt freeing those beautiful breasts, and take a nipple into your mouth, again with a gentle nibble. She screams in delight as you both finish together, collapsing, happily exhausted onto the soft grass.

A.D. 2013

The elevator was packed. She was squished into the back corner, bodies on all sides. No room to move, no room to breathe, 35 floors to go and the elevator had decided to stall. She should have taken the stairs. Why didn’t I take the stairs? she wondered to herself, because you work on the 37th floor. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply trying to concentrate on the random nervous chatter of the other passengers rather than the fact that the walls seemed to be closing in. Slow deep breaths. Someone in front on her moved suddenly, knocking into her, catching her off guard. She lost her balance slightly, falling against the man behind her. The normal thing to do, the polite thing to do, would be to excuse herself and step forward, giving him back his inch personal space; but she could feel he was hard and she needed a distraction from those closing walls. She pressed harder into him. He took a quick sharp breath. She felt a shiver run through her body. Ok stop, she thought, common sense taking over, and she moved to step forward. He stopped her, his hands now on her hips. This time he pulled her harder into him. She gasped softly as he moved ever so slightly up and down. She felt a tingle of pleasure and warm wetness between her legs. She took his hands from her hips and guided them to the edge of her skirt – an invitation. Slowly he lifted the back of her skirt with one hand while exploring under the front of her skirt with the other. The exploring hand found her clit and began massaging it, keeping in time with the slight motion of the hardness pressing into the back of her panties. Her breath quickened and she swallowed a moan. She was blissfully unaware now of the other passengers, or the elevator walls, they’d melted away. All that she was aware of – all that she wanted – were those fingers and that cock. He moved both his hands under her now very quickly and effectively ripping her panties. She gasped again as the fingers of one of his hands began exploring her wetness. The other hand disappeared. She heard the soft sound of an opening zipper and knew it was his. His hands returned to her hips and she felt his lips on her neck – a question. She took and deep breath and parted her legs as far as space would allow – an answer. Slowly but firmly he entered her. She swallowed another moan. He kept his slow rhythm and it was all she could do to keep from screaming with pleasure. He went so deep – she’d never been touched that deep before, and if felt so good. Her knees began to weaken and her legs began to slightly shake. He held onto her hips firmly and began to quicken his pace. Waves of pleasure engulfed her and she could feel an explosion building inside. Suddenly the lights in the elevator went out, and she let out a scream. They came together, their bodies shaking with intense pleasure. The lights came back on and the elevator came back to life. A collective sigh of relief went through the elevator. He removed himself from her and returned her skirt to its proper place. She felt his lips on her neck again – a thank you. When the elevator reached her floor, she squeezed through the throng of passengers and stepped off the elevator, never looking back, but grateful for the ride.

A.D. 2013